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Loveat Cafe

Some cafés is simply more popular than any other for a whole lot of complicated reasons. This is also the case with Loveat Cafe in Alexandria. This Café is well known for its delicious food which could be made to order and there is a whole range of things to choose from such as sandwiches, salads, pastas and a whole range of other things. This Café is located in Doody St., Alexandria and it is a popular meeting place for friends, family and also colleagues who come here just for a few minutes of relaxation and also to consume some of the food and drinks available at this upmarket café. It has a very extensive breakfast menu which is divided into 2 parts, the traditional breakfast menu and also a gourmet menu. On the traditional breakfast side there is things such as the big breakfast which includes things such as your personal choice of eggs with bacon, there is also sauteed mushrooms, spinach, grilled tomatoes and some other things which is served with toasted sourdough. Their excellent food types and service is one of the reasons why they are a Cater In partner.


Extended lunch menu

There are too many items on the lunch menu to be mentioned in one short article and therefore we will only refer to a few. There is an excellent quality steak which is served with chips and salad at a very affordable price. There is also the popular steak sandwich which is served with caramelized eggplant, beetroot, lettuce, tomato, chips, cheese, garlic and several other things. There is also the salt and pepper squid which is served with chips, Greek salad and a tasty sauce. There is also a whole range of gourmet burgers such as the Loveat beef burger which is served with pineapple, avocado, tomato relish, the beef patty and also lettuce. There is also the popular chicken, avocado and bacon burger. This will include a grilled and a marinated chicken breast with bacon, lettuce, cheese, tomato and Caesar source. There is a whole range of other gourmet burgers available and there are also many other traditional food types on the traditional lunch menu. It is because of the quality of the food and the service that Loveat Cafe is a value catering partner of Cater In.


A simple and effective ordering system

Whenever you need to order something from Loveat Cafe such an order must be done by 3 PM on the day before that food will be required. There may be some exceptions such as when food is ordered which does not appear on the menu of Loveat Cafe and in such a case orders should be done at least two days in advance. Every effort will be made to ensure that everything which a customer may need is supplied. Any inquiries is always welcome and when necessary customers can obtain professional advice which can really help them to make a well-informed decision regarding their catering needs. It is because of all these benefits which is provided by Loveat Cafe, that Cater In is proud to have them as a catering partner.

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