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A truly remarkable little bakery

La Bretagne is very popular among work colleagues and many of them will invite people whom they work with to this little bakery and once they have seen for themselves what the fuss is about they will always come back with family and friends. La Bretagne is very easy to find because it is close to the Rose bay wharf which makes it very accessible to ferry passengers because they do not have to walk long distances to find excellent food. Something which always distinguishes a bakery will be the aroma of the baking process which is able to attract people from a substantial distance. Even when this bakery is closed the display window still provides window shoppers with an amazing spectacle. There is an excellent exhibition which includes many of the products which is manufactured in this bakery all of which looks tempting, delicious and almost too good to eat.

Some products is always popular

We all know that some people like some things more than others. One of the products which is always popular for customers of La Bretagne is their amazing tiramisu cake with candied almond. One mistake which is sometimes made by people is that when they don't see their favorite food displayed in the window, they walk away instead of coming into the bakery to make inquiries. The reality is that there is just so much space in the window and therefore some products have to be ordered over-the-counter. Another option will be to visit the online website where customers will be able to find a complete list of all the products which is manufactured at La Bretagne. Tiramisu cake is made in three different sizes, small, medium and large because not everyone likes there tiramisu cake in slices. Because of the baking process there may be a slight waiting period before you will be able to depart with your tiramisu cake.

Make preparations

Some people come to La Bretagne on the ferry but they tend to forget that a large tiramisu cake can weigh as much as 2 kg and therefore it may be better to use your motor vehicle when you visit the bakery to purchase tiramisu cake. Taking such a large cake on the ferry may simply not be the best or the wisest option. Fortunately tiramisu cake is not the only products which is sold by this bakery and therefore they are still many bakery products which could be purchased by ferry passengers. People are amazed at the wide variety of bakery products which can be found at La Bretagne and for many of them it will take several visits in order to get some idea of the products which is available. In a city full of surprises La Bretagne shines like a star in the firmament and therefore many people come to this bakery and they also tell family and friends about the quality and the excellent service which is obtained at La Bretagne.

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