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A popular destination in Sydney

This very modest little café’ in the in the heart of Sydney is very fast becoming a major attraction not only for permanent residents but also for tourist who come to this city. This café is suitable for a whole range of reasons such as a come together place over lunch or over breakfast and it is also suitable for that occasional office catering requirements. First-time visitors may have a slight problem in locating this amazing little café because it is kind of hidden a way behind a somewhat uninteresting office building but that is by no means an indication of what can be expected at Charlie & Franks. This lowly café has a whole range of very interesting surprises which is why people keep on coming back for more of the food and service which has become synonym with this café. This is exactly why they are so popular as a supplier for Cater In because they have proven themselves as caterers who can be trusted even under very testing conditions. This is because the entire infrastructure at Charlie & Franks from management down to the most insignificant employee is totally committed to provide the best possible service available anywhere in the city.


An extremely experienced team

From the manager with her European background to the head chef with all of his interesting ideas as far as food is concerned which is exactly what is enabling him to use his vast experience in order to provide an unequalled menu for this café. This enables him to provide consumers with a very wide range of very interesting options both for breakfast and lunch. It will be extremely difficult to find better food anywhere else in the city. There is a whole range of very interesting options for breakfast such as hot and cold breakfasts. This will include options such as smoked bacon, brioche bun, tomato relish and fried egg. There is also feta on organic white sourdough as well as smashed avocado. Other breakfast options is sesame bagel, smashed avocado and also smoked ham. Another interesting breakfast option is tomato relish, bacon and scrambled egg. This is only a couple of things which is available over breakfast but for an expanded menu people should visit the website of Charlie & Franks. This is why they are one of the most popular caterers which is advertised by Cater In.


Interesting options for lunch

Charlie & Franks certainly have a whole lot of interesting surprises for people who come to this café. There is simply too many lunch options to mention here but we will nevertheless mention a few just to give people an idea of what to expect when they visit Charlie & Franks. There is the roasted pork pancake which has been hand rolled and which includes ingredients such as spring onion also sesame dressing and pickled slaw. There is also the chicken salad which is basically grilled chicken with things such as tomato, avocado, pumpkin, balsamic vinaigrette and mixed leaf and honey. Once again we simply do not have enough space to cover be entire menu of Charlie & Franks but once again people is encouraged to visit their locations and to see for themselves why they are popular as caterers for Cater In. They also have a second Café in the north of Sydney and both of these excellent cafés is providing catering for us.



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