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You will find Caffe Venti in Bond Street in Sydney and once you have arrived you will quickly see why the majority of people who come to this Café is mostly very happy with the service and the quality of the food which is served at this upmarket business. This is one of the reasons why they are a valued catering partner of Cater In because just like Cater In they believe in a high standard of service and quality products. Most people thoroughly enjoy the drinks which is served at Caffe Venti and for most people breakfast is a very enjoyable experience although there were a couple of complaints about the rush hour which is between 8:45 and 9:30. However despite this slight inconvenience most people have been commented on the friendly service which they encounter at this Café. Most people accept the occasional slow service as an indication of the popularity of this Café and although it is slightly inconvenient people deal with the situation because of the excellent service and quality of food.


Some popular dishes 

Caffe Venti really seems to be going through a lot of trouble to provide food that looks appetizing and attractive as can be seen on the website and also on the Facebook page of Caffe Venti. Simply looking at this pictures could lead to serious cravings even in a person who wasn’t even hungry before the time. One such dish is Cous cous salad with pumpkin and beetroot. It does not only look amazing but it also taste very good. There is also the Pappardelle with veal & eggplant ragu which always has been prepared with special attention to detail which ensures that the food looks amazing and is even more pleasant to eat. They have a relatively large menu which includes many other excellent dishes such as Risotto with bacon, mushrooms and peas which is likewise very popular with people coming to Caffe Venti. The quality food as well as this service is one of the reasons why they are a catering partner for Cater In.

Our partnership

Cater In is a startup business who have seen the need for a well-organized online ordering service where people can order food from all of their favorite outlets in the city of Sydney, but all of this can be done from the online ordering service of Cater in. Every single item which is on the menu of your favorite catering outlet can be ordered directly from Cater in and mostly at a significantly reduced price because of the agreement which is in place between Cater in and other catering businesses in the area. Likewise those people who are frequent visitors of Caffe Venti can order all of the foods available from Caffe Venti directly from the website of Cater In and everything will be delivered as quickly as possible to the doorstep of the customer. Cater In has a very sophisticated online ordering program where all the different menus from participating businesses can be viewed. The program is simple and user-friendly which makes it really easy for people to order those things which they want.


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