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"Are they Black Velvet?" If you need cupcakes, you almost guarantee this question will be asked by your guests. If you answer yes, everyone will be smiling. Sydney's leader in couture cakes and cupcakes is partnered with Cater In to deliver freshly baked cupcakes to corporate clients throughout Inner Sydney. Award-winning cupcakes and cake made by Australian award-winning decorators, Black Velvet Sydney offers you the best.


Black velvet in Sydney is an upmarket catering company which has become very famous for its extraordinary celebration cakes, designer cupcakes and also products and services which they provide for weddings and special events. They have everything which the customer may need, whether elegant, sensual, unique or stylish, there is a really something for just about every occasion and black velvet is more than willing to engage with customers to create just about anything that the customer may need. This is exactly why Cater In is listing them as a catering partner. People will really be surprised to see what exactly is available at black velvet and therefore people are encouraged to visit the store to purchase cupcakes or any other cakes which may be available at that particular time. However such an experience should not be rushed and therefore people should take the time to enjoy a cup of coffee. Unfortunately however Black velvet is very popular as a venue and therefore it often happens that they are completely booked for one event or another and this could make seating at Black Velvet difficult to find.

An amazing experience

This is truly one of the most beautiful shops in the Sydney area and the available space is very well used which provides event managers with a lot of options. A whole range of different events have already been organized at Black velvet such as baby showers, team bonding functions and even product launches. We are able to accommodate as many as 12 people when seated but as many as 30 standing visitors. However there is one simple condition and that is that people spend at least $1000 and for more information in this regard people are encouraged to make contact with Cater In for more information and also to discuss alternative options. One of the reasons for the popularity and the success of Black velvet is the fact they’re always doing everything possible to provide exceptional service and the best available products regardless of the event which is being organized. They manage to provide a high level of service because of the vast experience of the team as far as event planning and corporate functions is concerned and this is really a great help in getting everything properly organized.

Contacting Cater In 

All of the products available at Black velvet can be purchased directly from the online ordering service of Cater In. Cater In is working with most of the best caterers in Sydney in order to ensure that people is able to order all of the best dishes available in Sydney from a vast assortment of specialized menus. Although Cater In is a relatively new startup business we have the information from our catering partners available on our website and this would include all of their menus, the prices which is charged for all their products as well as details about delivery methods and any other information which people may need in order to be able to make an intelligent decision about what they would like to order from just about any business in Sydney. Cater In has a sophisticated online ordering software which makes the process very simple and quick to use.

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