How It Works

Simply use the order form

Our order form has been specifically designed to ensure that there are no confusion when a customer makes an online order for our products. All of the available options will be provided on this order form such as working lunch, finger food or possibly breakfast and absolutely anything else that a client can imagine. Naturally in order to process such an order we need to know where you are located and therefore we will need a valid street address. We need to know when exactly you need to have your food delivered and therefore the customer should provide a delivery address. It does not stop there but we provide you with a very wide range of suppliers and some of our most popular suppliers will be included on that order form in order to help you to make a decision.

A very large variety of products is listed

A long list of products is included which could be browsed by the customer and this can help the customer to make the best possible choice. It often happens that people get hungry but they find it difficult to make up their minds about exactly what kind of food they would like to have and there can be no doubt that our extended list can really help people to make a realistic decision. We even go as far as to provide the customer with product descriptions which includes a list of the ingredients which can be found in a specific product. This is helpful for those people who are on a diet and you may require dairy free and also gluten-free products. All of these facts will be listed on that order page along with the specific prices and quantities of food which can be obtained for that price. For some products there may be additional notes which can really help customers to come to an informed decision.

Ordering is made as easy as possible

Customers are welcome to phone in their orders or to send them by any other method which is convenient to them but we are actually an online ordering business and therefore we will always prefer online orders since it makes it easier for us to process that orders as quickly and as effectively as possible. Feel free to visit our online website in order to see for yourself exactly what products and services we are providing to our customers and if there are still any uncertainty contact us for additional information. We are always ready to respond to customer inquiries because we are certain that we have the quality products which our customers deserve.

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