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How to become a Cater In supplier

Because of the extraordinary growth of Cater In we are able to provide qualified suppliers with extraordinary growth possibilities which can help them to expand their own businesses. We are a well-established catering business that are focused primarily on the online corporate catering market and because of our popularity in this market we are able to create thousands of orders annually for our supplying partners. Some of the benefits which were able to provide to our suppliers is a regular form of income which is likely to remain constant over the long term. We can provide qualified suppliers with access to our very large customer database which can help them to align themselves better with the needs of our customers. There is a real possibility of increasing overall order sizes because of the options which become available through cross selling. Many supply companies are hampered because they have to rely on debt collecting agencies to recover unpaid debts but when partnering with us that will no longer be necessary.

Cater In carry the largest burden

Because of the size of Cater In and our substantial influence in the market through the efforts of our professional sales team coupled with a huge off-line marketing campaign provides both our company and its partners with massive exposure which will attract significantly more business. We constantly evaluate our success in the industry and we regular ask for feedback from our customers in order to ensure that we remain on track in all aspects of our business and because of that our partners also prosper. Being a Cater In supplier will provide your business with an uninterrupted income for many years. Because of our reputation in the industry we will not deny the fact that we are very particular when it comes to choosing suppliers. The saying that people are what they eat is also applicable to us in the sense that we can only perform as well as we are allowed to perform by the quality of the products which our partners supply. This does not mean that your business should not make contact with us because it might just be possible that an agreement can be reached which may be mutually beneficial to both our companies.

Cater In are going places, are you?

We are committed to continuing to supply a high level of service to all of our customers for as long as it is possible. That requires us to partner with suppliers that can actively support us in our quest and who are likewise committed to this industry just as we are. Therefore if you are convinced that your company has been maintaining a high standard of service as suppliers of catering products then we may just be able to come to a mutually beneficial agreement which may result in a long-term relationship between our companies. There is only one way to find out and that is to my contact one of our representatives and once that process has been completed the future of both of our companies will certainly be a lot brighter than it was previously.

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